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Jesus Calms the Storm - 6, 12 or 100 per pack

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Jesus Calms the Storm Craft based on Matthew 8:23-27:

Jesus performed many miracles but to his disciples this was one of the most powerful.  Many of them were fishermen and they Jesus_Calms_The_Storm_Craft_Activity understood the power of a storm.  With this origami style craft card you can teach your children that Jesus still has the power to calm storms that they will face in their lives.

Jesus Calms the Storm is a fun craft activity to teach children this story and they'll learn and remember it better with Memory Cross.  This is because children love to play with this card and they will interact with it in multiple ways.  First children can color on the Jesus Calms the Sea card and then they will flip through it over and over again and as they do they'll memorize this story.  When they take the card home many children will continue to play with it and as they do the story will become ingrained in their heart and mind.

The benefits of memorizing Scripture and learning the Bible are many.  Rick Warren in the Purpose Driven Life listed the benefits of memorizing Bible verses as follows: Resist temptation, Make wise decisions, Reduce stress, Build confidence, Offer good advice and Share your faithThat's a pretty good gift to give kids. 

All Memory Cross cards come with a 100% money back guarantee.  If you order and are not happy, just give us a call and will refund your money plus the cost of freight.

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