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Every basket is hand woven using traditional methods passed down for generations. Each one is unique and will vary some from the picture.  Each basket, artist and organization adhere to Fair Trade Practices which means more of the income goes directly to the artist.

Gifts of By Memory Cross uses the profits from this site to support the Foundation Center of Helping Hands Orphanage in Barahona Dominican Republic which houses boys ages 7 to 17.  Barahona is a community close to the Haitian border and there are many children either living on the streets or in unsafe situations.

The Foundation Center of Helping Hands seeks to house, clothe, feed and educate those children thereby changing their lives.  Every purchase you make supports their mission.

We also support the Good Samaritan Medical Clinic in Batey 7, located outside Barahona.  They provide a variety of medical services to Batey 7 and the surrounding community.