God's Love Never Ends Doodle Coloring Card 12/Pk

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God's Love Never Ends Doodle Coloring Card 12/Pk

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Memory Cross card teaches children about the truth of God and his love for us.

Introducing the Memory Cross "God's Love Never Ends" Zen Doodle Coloring Card, a vibrant and interactive way for children to engage with God's Word. This charming card is based on two key biblical passages, Psalm 136:1 and John 15:15, reminding us that not only is the Lord benevolent and eternal, but He also values us as friends, not servants. It's a delightful and hands-on way for children to embrace the comforting notion that they are loved by God and that He is always there for them as a friend and a guide.

Memory Cross has brought to life its signature four-panel design in this card, creating an intriguing never-ending loop that adds a fun twist. The interactive element is designed to facilitate more engagement with the verses, making them more memorable and impactful. Children can personalize the card with their own colors, fostering creativity while enhancing understanding.

Each card measures six by six inches, fitting nicely in small hands, and is made from uncoated cover stock - robust like playing card stock but uncoated for easier coloring. A pack contains 12 cards, perfect for classroom activities, Sunday school lessons, VBS, Children's Church, outreach or family bonding sessions.

And we haven't forgotten our Spanish-speaking friends. The "God's Love Never Ends" Zen Doodle Coloring Card is also available in Spanish, ensuring this enriching and spiritual experience is accessible to a broader audience.

Here's an opportunity for children to discover faith, friendship, and creativity in a unique, engaging format. The Memory Cross Zen Doodle Coloring Card - because the journey of faith and the joy of coloring should be an endless loop of fun and discovery.

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