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Gospel Tracts for Kids

Fun Gospel Tracts for Children

Memory Cross makes creative, fun and effective Gospel tracts for kids.  Each card consists of four panels that make an endless loop, something that fascinates children as well as adults.  

If you  have not seen how this remarkable card works, watch the video.  We think you'll be amazed also.

We've created Gospel tracts for kids in a variety of languages including:  English, Spanish, French, Romanian and Haitian-Creole plus wordless version. Memory Cross tracts have been taken all over the world on mission trips and can be translated into any language.

They are available in two sizes: a 3 3/8 x 3 3/8 inch size that presents the message of salvation and a 6 x 6 size, which in addition to presenting the Gospel also makes a great craft project.

If the video got your attention but you'd like to see some before ordering, click this link and we'll get a free sample pack out to you.  We only ask that you help us cover the cost of shipping which is $3.00 in the United States and approximately $4.25 to the rest of the world.

The smaller cards are printed on 10 point coated board which is made from recycled paper and larger cards are printed on a premium opaque 100 lb. uncoated cover, which is also recycled.

Here are what a few people have said about our Gospel tracts for children.

        • We are very pleased with the ABC Memory Cross tracts for kids. This is a top quality product. This is a very kid-friendly tract with just the right amount of scripture to for the age group. - Chick Ludwick 
        • These were great!!! The kids loved the novelty of them and the adults loved the simplicity of the message. - Roy Shonk
        • I love these Salvation Gospel tracts. It takes the fear out of witnessing because the cards are so easy to understand and use. - Norma Brown
        • These cards are Biblically sound and well made. Kids will love coloring and "folding" them to read. - Connie