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I am the Good Shepherd English/Spanish story card 12/pack

I Am The Good Shepherd English/Spanish - 12 Per Pack

$ 10.65

I am the Good Shepherd Bible story coloring card with English and Spanish verses - Size: 6 x 6

This Bible story coloring card shares the message of Jesus being the good shepherd and his followers knowing him. Verses are in both English and Spanish so it can be used on mission trips as well as with Spanish language children in the United States. Verses include:

  • John 10: 27 - 28
  • John 10: 11
  • John 10: 14
  • Isaiah 40: 11
Developed in partnership with our friends at Kernersville Moravian Church in Kernersville NC for a mission trip to Peru. This card has the following elements to help engage children:

  • Unique origami design makes a never ending loop, like all of our cards. If you don't know how they fold, watch the video below
  • Children can color and decorate the card so it makes a good craft activity
  • Verses are in Spanish so children who speak Spanish will be able to understand the words
  • Children in other countries want to learn English and this card has the verses in Spanish and English which will encourage children to engage with the card learning the verses in Spanish and English.


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