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5 Best Ways to Prepare for a Children Mission Trip

Flong Aragones

Do you have plans to travel on a mission trip? If yes, this post is for you!

Whatever be the program or the plan of your mission trip, whether it includes a medical purpose or educational one, there is really a big possibility that you will meet children along the way. The question is, are you ready to share the gospel to them?

Here are some best ways for you to do to be prepared to share God’s word to the children in the mission field:

  1. Learn more about children. Try to interact or talk more to other children in your community or even at your church before you embark for a mission trip. Get first-hand experience on how to effectively communicate with children.  Better become a volunteer Sunday School teacher even for just one Sunday so that you could have a grasp on how to handle children. You could also ask tips from Sunday School teachers. This way, you’ll have a picture of what you can do when you face children on your mission place.
  1. Learn fast, easy, and kid-friendly evangelization stuffs. Children get bored easily that’s why you need a material that can totally catch their attention fast yet at the same time deliver the message of the gospel effectively to them. Just like learning how to make a paper cross to tell the Story of the Cross to the children. Or share the Memory Cross Gospel Tracts for Children with them.  Each of the cards consists of four panels that make an endless loop, which gets the attention of children and even adults. It comes with colored materials for good visuals or you can opt for the coloring card to share coloring time with the children.
  1. Learn Christian Songs. Children love action songs! And one best way to effectively share God’s word to them is by teaching them Christian action songs. It would be fun to sing and dance with them. But more importantly, the message of the song will retain them in a long time.
  1. Learn to share bible stories. Yes, anywhere in the world children love to listen to stories. So prepare one that would easily let them know more about Jesus. You can make your story more engaging by drawing stick figures on the sand or by giving them the Memory Cross Bible Story Cards We can send a sample pack for you to try ahead of time.
  1. Learn to be prepared in advance. Whatever kind of a mission trip you are heading to, prepare yourself ahead of time. Take time to pray for it and pray for it more! Pray in the days leading up to your departure and ask God how He wants to use your gifts and talents in the mission field.

Kingdom builders, go and build God’s kingdom one saved-child at a time!

Share this post to your co-Kingdom builders!

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