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Easter Cards and Tracts that Children Love!


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This Easter you will probably have lots of kids visiting your church, but what do children take away that tells them what Easter is all about? We've developed origami cards that capture attention and share the Gospel at the same time, plus kids love them!

When you use Memory Cross for Easter your kids will:

  • Learn the Easter story in a creative way.
  • Read the Easter story until they know it by heart.
  • Share the the Easter story with their friends. 

Watch the video to see what makes this card so effective

What people are saying
  • "I love them! Last Sunday I related the Easter story using four scenes on flannel graphs. These four scenes coincide with the four scenes on the Easter Memory Cross - perfect." - Rosanne Manitoba, Canada
  • "I gave them to my 1st grade Sunday school class on Easter morning. They thought they were really “neat” and “ cool”. Thank you for your willingness to help spread His word." - Charity G. Amory, MS

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