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About us

History of Memory Cross

Memory Cross was started in February of 2005 when Rev. Andy Lambert came up with the idea of an endless loop card that could be used to teach children Bible verses.  While the Bible verse idea was not viable since there are 31,102 verses in at least 10 popular translations giving us 311,020 possibilities, using his idea to share the Gospel and teach children Bible stories was something that we thought might work.

Andy and Mike talked our friend, Bill Gibson into joining us.  Bill had a background in web design and marketing and was studying to become a pastor in the United Methodist church.

We grew slowly every year as people learned about this unique idea and we received more feedback from people who were using the card.

Over the years in addition to our own products, Lifeway, Assemblies of God, The Billy Graham Evangelistic association, Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) and many others, including local churches have used this design to reach others with God's message of hope and salvation. 

Rev. Andy Lambert and Rev. Bill Gibson decided to pursue other interests but the company continues to produce a variety of tracts and Bible story cards that are shared all over the world.

In addition to our website, we sell most of our products on Amazon, Ebay and Walmart.  Friends and business partners have approached us over the years asking about helping to market or produce products for them.  Most of them we sell on other websites, such as Amazon but we have added some to Memory Cross also.  So if you see paper products or leather items (we are located in the furniture capital of the world and they make a lot of leather furniture) that is how we ended up with these products on our website.

The idea for Memory Cross was conceived by Andy Lambert who wanted something that could be used in children's sermons to teach kids scripture that was fun. The result is Memory Cross.