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Halloween Gospel Tracts

Let children know God loves and cares for them this Halloween 

If you, your church, or your town are having events for Halloween, these tracts are a great way to let kids know that God loves them and that they are not alone.   The unique design fascinates kids and the message on each card lets children know that God loves and cares for them.

Memory Cross tracts are planting seeds that God can use to change lives.  There is room on most cards to include information about your church. 

Here is what a few people have said:

        • I ordered 9 packs of your John 3:16 children's tracts. Before the outreach was finished, all of the children's tracts were gone! Adults who wouldn't take a regular tract allowed their kids to take a kid's tract and stood in awe as their kid watched how it flipped open! Thank you for making such a quality product! - Rachel Rudzik - Children's Minister, Grace Christian Church
        • I love the concept of the folding in and out! Kids will LOVE it!  - Roxann - Creative Art Director - North Ridge Church
        • So innovative and fun. - William Newton

Watch the video and see what makes Memory Cross cards so unique