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Blank Bible Memorization cards 4.5 x 3 - 24 per pack

Blank Bible Memorization cards 4.5 x 3 - 24 per pack

$ 10.95

Blank Scripture memorization cards

Blank Scripture memory cards are one of the most effective ways to help children learn Scriptures. The card has four panels which make a never ending loop and offers several advantages:

  • Breaks the Bible verse down into four parts making it easier for children to learn.
  • Interactive nature of the card is addictive so children will enjoy playing with it and as they do they'll learn the Bible verse quickly.
  • Each section of the verse is on a separate panel allowing kids to focus on the meaning.
There are three sizes available: 3 3/8 x 3 3/8, 4.5 x 3 and 6 x 6. This size is best for later elementary, middle and high schoolers. There is enough room to write any verse yet it is easy to fold.

There are so many good reasons to encourage children to memorize Scripture:

  • Helps them develop a relationship with God
  • Puts Scripture into their hearts and minds
  • Helps them understand that God has a purpose for their lives
  • Give them strength
  • Gives them the courage to follow Jesus and change the world

There are many other positive benefits. The important thing is to start. If you are teaching kids at Sunday School or just have an interest in helping your own children memorize Bible verses this is a great tool. Other uses include learning letters, numbers, addition, subtractions, multiplication and division.

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