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God frees Peter From Prison - 12/Pk Size: 6 x 6

God frees Peter From Prison - 12/Pk Size: 6 x 6

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God Frees Peter From Prison - Size 6 x 6 Coloring Card

 Card illustrates the story of Peter being arrested by King Herod found in Acts 12:1-17  

Panel 1 depicts Peter's arrest.  

Panel 2: The night before Herod planned to put Peter on trial, Peter was sleeping between two guards bound to them with chains.  An angel appeared, woke Peter and told him to get up.  As he did, his chains fell off. (Acts 12: 6-8)

Panel 3: The angel led him out of the prison and through the city of Jerusalem.  At first Peter thought he was dreaming.  (Acts 12:9-10)

Panel 4: When he came to himself, he knew he had been miraculously delivered from prison by God's hand.  He made his way to the home of Mary where many believers were praying.  When they finally let him in, he told them how he had been delivered and to tell other believers his story before he left for another place.  (Acts 12: 11-17)

This Memory Cross card engages the creativity of children through the design and also allows them to color the card.  

If you don't know how the card folds, watch the video below.


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