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Knowing more about God

If you want to know more about a relationship with Jesus check out the links below.  If you have a specific question click the chat button.  We're always happy to talk with you about your faith.

  • Peace with God is a website by The Billy Graham Evangelistic Organization.  There are videos and other resources that will help you explore a relationship with Jesus.
  • I Am Second - collection of video stories of faith by people such as Tony Dungy, Bethany Hamilton, the Robertsons, Michael W. Smith, Scott Hamilton and many others. 
  • - If you have a smartphone you can download the Bible onto it for free at  In addition there are devotions, videos and other resources.
  • Scripture Typer - If you are a Christian and want to grow in your faith, memorizing Scripture will make a difference in your life.  If you have a smartphone Scripture Typer helps you memorize Scripture.  If you are teaching kids to memorize Scripture, check out Memory Cross cards.  The four panels break down verses into smaller sections making it easy to put God's Word into your heart.  If you don't know how a Memory Cross card folds, watch the video below.
  • Got Questions - If you have questions about the Bible or Christianity check out this site where people have posted their questions and others have answered.  
  • The Streaming Bible - If you prefer an audio version of the Bible, check out the Streaming Bible.  Available in various translations. 
  • Want to know more about God's plan for our lives.