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6 Alternative Ways to celebrate Trick or Treats for the Year 2020

6 Alternative Ways to celebrate Trick or Treats for the Year 2020

6 Alternative Ways to celebrate Trick or Treats for the Year 2020





This year, Trick or Treats will be something many parents may worry about because it will be difficult to tell our children that they cannot go trick or treating like they used to do for the past years. But since we are parents and we don’t want our children to feel miss out, we come up with list of alternative ways for us to still celebrate this holiday with our children.

Here are some brilliant ideas on how to celebrate trick or treats safely yet fun-filled:

Trick-or-treat At Home - Set out buckets of candy in different rooms and decorate each door in a special way. So instead of going door-to-door in the neighborhood, kids go door-to-door in your house. If you have a big family, this is a fun thing to do.

Scavenger Hunt – Hide some stuff inside the house and give your kids some clue on how to find them. For older kids, you can hide the items in more difficult places inside your house. Make it more exciting by preparing a pail of goodies for whoever win the game.

Camp In – If we can’t go out, then let’s enjoy in the comfort of our homes. Build a tent in your living room and enjoy the night by sharing stories to your children. You can also let the children take turn in sharing stories. And then spend the rest of the night inside your tent.

Bonfire – If you have a backyard fire pit, this is a best option. You can roast marshmallows and carve pumpkins with your children. Give each child some treat bags and maybe a pizza for older children to enjoy.

Crafting - You can enjoy coloring with your children with some themed crafts. In Memory Cross, we have some Halloween Cards and Tracts and even Craft Packs that we are sure your children will love and enjoy. You could also remind them about God’s love using our Cards and Tracts and even mail some to their friends and classmates as a way of connecting to them.   

Movie Night – If you want a less complicated bonding moments, pop some popcorn and enjoy any Halloween movie with your children or any of your most favorite family movie. You can also do a movie marathon.

Whatever activity you choose from the above-mentioned, you can always allow your children to dress up and let them done their best Halloween costume. You can even decorate your house if you are up to it. Of course, don’t forget to snap some photos for remembrance for this year’s one-of-a-kind celebration.

If you are looking for some ways on how to host a trunk or treats for your community, or organization, or homeschooling group or for your church, check this ideas on how to host a trunk or treats amidst pandemic.


We hope we give you ideas on how you could spend this holiday with your children and create a chance to help your children get through these tough times. And yes, bonding moments with our children can also help us parents to feel better from all the strains of these days.

Do you have other ideas on how to celebrate Trick or Treats this year? Please share it in our comment section below.


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