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How to Help Our Children Memorize Scripture

How to Help Our Children Memorize Scripture

How to Help Our Children Memorize Scripture

Helping children memorize Scripture is one of the most, if not the most important things we can do for our kids.  The impact of Scriptures on the lives of children can be life-altering.  As Christians, we are commanded to put God’s Word into our hearts and minds and since many people come to Christ as children, memorizing Scripture is an important step in that process.  

 I cannot think of a better gift Christian parents can give their children than God’s Word embedded into their hearts and minds.  His Word has an impact on the way we think and live and will keep us from many hardships.

Practical ways to help children memorize Scripture

  • Normally, I would include our resources last, but in this case, I’m listing Memory Cross first.  For working with children individually or in Sunday School, Memory Cross cards are one of the best resources I know of.  You can use it to memorize any verse in any translation. The cards break verses down into four parts which makes it easy for children to learn the verse. 

We have a free sample pack if you want to see the card for yourself. Memory Cross has printed and blank cards that allow you or your children to write down any verse in any translation.

    The video below shows how Memory Cross works:

    • Put music with the Scripture.  Even if you are like me and have no musical talent there are a number of resources available to help.  One good source is YouTube.  Type in the Scripture you are looking to memorize, something like “teach children and then verse.”  You’ll be amazed at how many resources are available.  
    • Illustrate the verse.  Most kids like to draw so give them a piece of paper and the verse and help them illustrate it.  By doing this you’ll help them think about what the verse means to them. 
    • Review – Keep the Scriptures your child has learned and review them on a regular basis.  We learn one new Scripture every week and then review that Scripture at the end of the following week.
    • Talk about what the Scripture means.  This is a good time to share your faith with your children.

    If you have other ways you’ve help children memorize Scripture be sure to put it in the comments box.

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