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Why God Did Not Stop the Pandemic?

Flong Aragones

The worldwide pandemic that we are all experiencing right now has made non-believers and even some believers to question God.


"Why does He allow this kind of suffering?"

"Why does a good and merciful God allow this kind of pain and death? "

"Why doesn't He stop all of these? Including all the calamities and natural disasters."

As we know, these seemingly bad things weren't present in God's original creation as written in Genesis 1:31.

But then, mankind was fallen. We chose to sin. And so death, decay, accidents and natural disasters and diseases started to enter our world. (Genesis 3:17-19)

The pain and agony brought by these things can't always be predicted or cured, and that leaves us feeling helpless and confused. Hence, for us humans our questions are valid. 

In Luke 13, Jesus Christ talked about the accidental collapse of a tower without explaining the reason. Instead, He cautioned His listeners to repent because life is so uncertain (James 4:13-14).

YES! God could intervene in every earthly disaster, but for reasons we don't understand, He chooses not to do this (Isaiah 55:8-11).

But did you know that our good and merciful God did intervene in the worst and most dreadful tragedy in mankind's history? And His interventions cost Him dearly. (Romans 6:23)


 So, whenever you doubt God's goodness, look to the cross.


For every day that God does not bring down His arm in judgment is an act of mercy. And when He does, we can be sure that, too, is mercy. 


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