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How to Celebrate Easter At Home Due to Covid-19

How to Celebrate Easter At Home Due to Covid-19

How to Celebrate Easter At Home Due to Covid-19

With Easter just around the corner, many families would normally be planning to celebrate the holiday together. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has made things difficult. That is why the Easter celebration this year might be different. There will surely be no Easter Kids party, no Easter egg hunts, and even no Easter shows. For us Christians, there will be no Easter Sunday Worship service at church and no Easter Sunday School for kids packed with Easter crafts and games.

But Easter is still worth celebrating!

Jesus sacrifices on the cross and Him being risen and fulfilling the promises of God the Father is still worth celebrating. So even at the comfort of our own home, it is still worth spending time to commemorate what Jesus has done for you and for me and to celebrate His victory and our salvation!

Here are some simple ways on how to celebrate Easter at home:

1. Livestream a Church Service - Although many physical churches have closed their doors to comply with social distancing, services are still happening via live stream platforms like Facebook Live and on church websites. So, dress your best Sunday attire and attend Sunday service at the comfort of your home.


2. Read the Easter Story – Gather the whole family and get turn reading the true Easter Story using the Bible. Involve your little kids in the storytelling. You can get creative by doing a role-play or a puppet show.














3. Get Crafty – If you have kids at home, it is also the best time to teach them the story of Easter through crafts. There are a lot of free resources available online (check out Ministry to Children for quick free resources) but we highly recommend for you to check out our collections of Memory Cross Easter Cards and our Easter Gift Packs.


4. Cook an Easter Meal - After enjoying an online church service and after getting crafty, it’s the best time to celebrate Easter with a meal together with the whole family where everyone could enjoy God’s provisions even in these trying times. If the bare grocery store shelves aren’t an obstacle, buy the materials to cook your favorite Easter holiday meal.

5. Watch Easter Theme Movie – after some hearty meal, gather your family back in the living room and watch some Easter-themed movies that will continue to remind the whole family of this celebration. You can have a discussion afterward or a family prayer to close the day

 At the end of the day, what is most important is the focus of our hearts and how we truly worship God in our celebration. We may miss the physical church and the social interaction that we usually have on this day, but it is more important that we don’t miss the reason for our celebration. We could fully observe social distancing but let us not settle for spiritual distancing.

Jesus is not dead. He has risen! And even in this worldwide pandemic, He is still in control!

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