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Thank you for your service Gospel Tracts 24 per pack

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Make someone's day while sharing the Gospel   

Want to make someone's day while sharing the Gospel?  This new, revised Memory Cross card does just that.  Eating out, picking up something from the store, going through the drive-thru?  If you received good service, hand them this card.  

Because so few people thank others for the service they receive and even fewer take a moment to write a note, this Memory Cross card will stand out and people will keep it.  When they figure out its unique design, they will show it to their co-workers.  There is even a spot on the back panel to write a little note.

If they want to know more about what God has done for them there is a link to the web, either by typing in the URL or by scanning the QR code.  If you want to take a look at the site you can access it by clicking here.

It measures 3.5 x 2 inches, which is the same size as a business card, so you can easily put it in your purse or wallet.  

Jesus said to go into all the world and share the Gospel (Mark 16:15).  This is such an easy way to plant a seed.  You never know.  We've included two videos below.  The first is a couple talking about how one simple card planted a seed that changed their world and the second shows how each Memory Cross card folds.

One simple card changed their world.


How does Memory Cross work? 

Customer Reviews

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Excellent in all areas! Thank-you!

It’s been great giving these out at restaurants (with good tips, of course :D) and have found many waiters and waitresses saying how much they enjoyed them.

Millie G.
I have bought cards from

I have bought cards from you before and was satisfied. That is why I decided to buy again. However, I was surprised at the size of the cards this time. The message is what I was interested in, but surprised at the size. These cards are smaller than others that I have bought. I will keep the cards because they do convey the message that I want to send. I will probabley buy again.

I love these!

I use these especially at restaurants and hotels....and feel that they are a wonderful Word from the Lord. I ran into a waitress that used to work at a restaurant my friends and I usually go to. She came up to me and told me how much she appreciated the cards....and that she had saved them!

Norma Brown
A great item

This item will come in handy when we eat out. Not only will we will extending a tip, but we'll be thanking our server for great service and leaving them the word of God as well. AWESOME!

Norma Brown
I'm a returning customer

I've been a customer with Memory Cross for years. The "Thank You For Your Service Gospel Track" is always appreciated by servers and says it all in one small package. It's a great purchase. I've never been disappointed.