ABC Doodle Cards - Teaching Children Their ABCs. Size: 6 x 6

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ABC Doodle Cards - Teaching Children Their ABCs. Size: 6 x 6

$ 8.95 $ 11.95 -26% OFF

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Introducing ABC Doodle Cards - a fun and interactive way to immerse your child in the world of alphabets! Our doodle cards are uniquely designed to offer kids an enriching and enjoyable learning experience.

Each pack comes with 6 beautifully crafted cards, each one dedicated to a specific letter from A to Z. Every card features 4 distinct panels, collectively creating an infinite loop of learning and fun. The cyclical layout allows your child to continuously learn the alphabet, helping to engrain these vital skills in their memory.

One of the stand-out features of the ABC Doodle Cards is the coloring aspect. Children are not just passively absorbing information but actively participating in learning. The cards are designed to be colored, encouraging your little ones to explore their creativity while enhancing their engagement with the alphabet.

Combining visual learning through distinct images, tactile engagement through coloring, and the cognitive skill of understanding the endless loop, supports multiple learning styles. This ensures that each child can benefit from the ABC Doodle Cards regardless of their preferred learning style.

The ABC Doodle Cards are not just another educational tool but an exciting adventure that engages kids in a creative learning process. Your child will love exploring the alphabet and expressing their artistic talents with these innovative and immersive cards.

The journey to mastering the ABCs just got a whole lot more colorful and enjoyable with ABC Doodle Cards!

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