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Catholic Sample Pack Free - Just Pay For Shipping - Limited one per customer

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Catholic Sample Pack. Limited one per customer

Memory Cross has developed a totally new way to teach children the Books of the Bible, Apostles Creed and 10 Commandments, plus we also have resources to help children learn Bible stories.   Each card uses an origami-inspired design that all kids and most adults find amazing. This never-ending loop card has a number of advantages:
  • Design is so different it captures attention. That is what makes it such a great tool for teaching children.
  • Breaks Bible verse down into four panels which makes them easier to learn. 
  • Get's passed along and kept. Children and adults will keep this card and many will fold it over and over again plus it will be passed onto friends and family.
The video shows how it folds but if you would like to get one in your hand, just pay the shipping and handling and we'll get a sample pack out to you.

Here is what you get:
  • Books of the Bible - Catholic version
  • 10 Commandments - Catholic version
  • Apostles Creed - Catholic version
  • Bible story card - universal design

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Ten Commandments

Great tool to help kids learn 10 commandments. I ordered sample and now going to order pack for my class. Really cool idea and fun way for kids to learn.