The best way to share the Gospel using Paper!

Roman Road Haitian and English Origami Gospel Tract and Craft Activity for Children - 12/pk 30105

$ 12.95 USD

Roman Road Pathway to Life Tract Haitian Creole and English

This Gospel tract in Haitian Creole and English is one of the best ways to help children in Haiti learn and memorize the Gospel as found in the book of Romans.


Each tract consists of four panels that create a card which never stops folding. Children are fascinated by the unique design and it will not only capture their attention but make this tract something that they'll want to keep.

We created this tract in two languages, Haitian Creole and English and have found that this provides a number of advantages.

First, most children in Haiti want to learn English and this card will teach them the Gospel as found in the book of Romans in Haitian and English.

Second, most people who are going on a mission trip to Haiti do not speak Haitian so this card allows the children of Haiti to interact with those on the mission trip in a special way. Finally, we've found that children will want to keep this tract and learn the salvation message in English.

Makes a great craft project. Pack some crayons and you have an easy craft project that children will love.

Each Haitian and English Gospel tract is printed on 100 lb. premium uncoated acid-free and PH-neutral cover so it will hold up well over many folds and will not fade or discolor for years.

Easy to pack for a mission trip to Haiti. The card is 6 inches square and about 1/8" thick so you can easily pack a couple hundred in your suitcase.

The best Haitian Gospel tract available on the market today. We say that because of the unique origami design, the fact you can use it as a craft project and that it is available in two languages and children will keep this tract.