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6 Easy and Fun Ways to Help Kids Memorize Scripture

6 Easy and Fun Ways to Help Kids Memorize Scripture

6 Easy and Fun Ways to Help Kids Memorize Scripture


Do you want to memorize Bible verses with your kids, but find that it is a very difficult adventure?

Childhood is the perfect time to teach our kids to memorize God’s word. And it is now more than ever that is best to help them understand God’s word and help them memorize it. Amidst the pandemic, we parents are greatly helping our children’s education helping them memorize their lessons like poems, math formulas, sentence rules but above all else, let us help them memorize scripture.

Memorizing scripture doesn’t have to be a stressful and difficult. Actually, we can turn it into easy and fun with these simple games and activities:

Sing It Out

Singing is the easiest and most fun ways to memorize scripture.  Just pop in some scripture CDs throughout your day or as your children go to sleep, and all of you will be singing God’s Word before you know it. If they also have screen time schedule, you can let them watch YouTube videos of scripture music. Here are some of our favorites:

Jesus Loves Me

Psalm 23

This is the Day that the Lord has Made

This Little Light of Mine 

Act It Out

Put hand actions to the scripture verses and have your kids act them out.  Ask your kids to come up with the motions if they can; this way, they are more likely to remember the motions.  Here is an example:

Psalm 119: 11 I have hidden (place right hand on your chest) your word (point two fingers towards heaven) in my heart (put your hands in your heart) that I might not sin (shake head) against you (point two fingers towards heaven).

Dance It Out

Dancing is always fun for the children. So might as well make them dance to the music that bears Bible scriptures. No sooner, you will hear your children belting out the lyrics. Make sure to take time to let them understand its meaning. Some of the music with simple and cute dances that we love are the following:

Every Move I Make


Light of the World

Write It Out

Write the Bible scripture on a dry erase board, then allow your child to erase one or two words each time you say it together until the board is blank and your child is saying the whole scripture independently.

Color it Out

Nothing is more fun than arts and coloring. Print some text coloring arts of Bible scriptures and read it to your kids and let them have fun coloring it.

We have some FREE PRINTABLE! Download it Now! 

Use Memory Cross Cards

For working with children individually or in Sunday School, Memory Cross cards are one of the best resources there is.  You can use it to memorize any verse in any translation. The cards break verses down into four parts which makes it easy for children to learn the verse. 

We have a free sample pack if you want to see the card for yourself. Memory Cross has printed and blank cards that allow you or your children to write down any verse in any translation.

Finally, as you encourage your kids to memorize Bible scriptures, don’t have them do it alone. Memorize it with them. Show them that Bible memory is important for adults as well as children. It might be one of the most important things you ever teach your children.

Do you have tips on how to help children memorize scripture easily? Share it in the comment. We would love to hear it.

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