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The Importance of a Dad in a Child’s Life

The Importance of a Dad in a Child’s Life

The Importance of a Dad in a Child’s Life
A special shout-out to all dads out there that are making a positive difference in the lives of their children. A father’s role in the life of a child is so important. They matters just like moms.

So, here are fatherhood facts that show how important the role of fathers and how they can positively impact their children’s long-term development.


  • The impact of a Dad to his child can start as early as prenatal. Research shows that when a Dad is involved during pregnancy, he is more likely to be involved in parenting later on, such as reading with his child, performing caregiving tasks, and offering emotional support.
  • Dads who take a week or more off to spend with their newborn are closer to their child at every stage of the child's life, right up into young adulthood.
  • The more time Dads spend holding their new babies, the more their paternal instinct is activated, and the more comfortable they feel comforting and caring for their newborns. This is usually a transformative experience for Dad, a tremendous relief to mom, and a vital relationship for the baby.
  • Children who’s Dads are involved in their daily care, such as feeding, bathing, and playing together, tend to be more confident; and, as they grow older, enjoy stronger social connections with peers.
  • When Dads are involved in their children's education, the kids are more likely to get better grades, enjoy school, and participate in extracurricular activities.
  • An active and nurturing style of fathering is associated with better verbal skills, intellectual functioning, and academic achievement among adolescents.

And lastly, no research needed, when Dads pray for their children and with their children, great things happens! 

There is more to this list actually since more research is coming out every day showing the important role dads play in their children's lives. But most of the time, we actually don't need scientists and great researchers to tell us that, right? We can see through it in the face of any child looking up at his or her father.


Happy Father's Day, Awesome Dads! God bless y'all!

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