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Does your church need a new logo?

Does your church need a new logo?

Does your church need a new logo?

If your church is looking to create a new logo there are some amazing resources out there.  I'm just going to be talking about ChatGPT here but there are others that I've listed at the end if you don't like the results you get with ChatGPT.

First head over to ChatGPT and if you don't have an account, create one.  It is free.  There is a paid version if you plan to use it on a regular basis or just want the latest version.  Presently the cost is $20 per month.

Now that you have an account start by writing a short message about what you want.  I typed in "create a new logo for our church. Include the cross. Our church is an independent church committed to loving God, loving others and developing a close community of faith where we walk through this life together. The name of our church is Life Community and Faith" and it gave me this logo in under 30 seconds.

It is not bad but I wanted some other options so I asked it to give me some other ideas and it came up with this.  You can tell it to change the colors, adjust one of the elements, etc.  

I asked it to give me another option and it created the following logo.

Out of the three the third one is my favorite.  I cropped out some of the image and made it in a circle and in 10 minutes and zero cost I have a new logo.  Okay Chat is still learning how to spell but if you like the logo you can change that.

 Here are a few of the other options:

  • Logoai.  It walks you through a variety of questions and while it is free to create the logo you do have to buy it.  This is my favorite from the options it gave me.

  • Next one is  It walks you through a similar set of questions and then gives you your options, which can be customized at the end.  This is the logo I liked best.

  • The last one is It walks you thorough a similar set of questions about church name and tag line, colors and then generates options which you can customize.   Here is my favorite from this site.

Let me know if you find this useful.  

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