Gospel Tracts for Children - How to plant God's Word in their heart

Gospel Tracts for Children - How to plant God's Word in their heart

Most people develop a relationship with Jesus as children so planting seeds early in life can make a difference.  You never know what is going to be the tipping point that brings kids into a relationship with God.

Since our start 15 years ago Memory Cross has felt called to reach children.  Andy Lambert, who developed the original idea speaks at youth events around the country.  My wife has been a paid and now volunteer Christian Educator for over 40 years so we interest and experience in ministering to children.

Kids love the origami design that Andy came up with and on the cards we either share the Gospel in a way kids can understand or tell Bible stories, such as the story of creation.

Most of them are used either in the church as part of Sunday School lessons, VBS, Children's Church or local outreach such as Easter Egg Hunts or Trunk or Treats.  They also are taken on mission trips either in the United States or overseas.  We've translated the Gospel Tracts into Spanish, Romanian, French, Chinese, and Haitian-Creole.

Because children, and adults find the design fascinating they are much more likely to keep the cards and read them over and over again, compared to normal tracts.  

If you cam across the post and don't know how it works, watch the video below and if you would like a free sample, click this link.  We ask that you pay for shipping, which is around $3.  Here is to reaching children with the word of God.

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