The best way to share the Gospel using Paper!
Gospel tracts for evangelism - a new way to share your faith

Gospel tracts for evangelism - a new way to share your faith

Gospel tracts for evangelism - a new way to share your faith

Jesus said go everywhere and tell people about me but that can be scary.  You don't feel prepared or you are afraid of rejection or you just don't have the opportunity.  That is one of the reasons Gospel tracts have been popular in the past.  It was an easy way to put God's Word in front of people.

Personally though I have a problem with most of the Gospel tracts out there.  First way too many are negative or scare tactics.  My daughter works at a restaurant and she says most say and I'm summarizing, "turn to God or burn forever in Hell."   The second problem is most of them are never read.

That is why I was passionate about Andy Lambert's idea for what would become Memory Cross.  Make a Gospel tract that had a positive message, was so different that people would read it and even show it to their friends and provide a link to the web for people who wanted to know more.

That is what we try to accomplish with each tract we make.  Our latest one, I think accomplishes that.  It was designed to be given anyplace you are receiving service from someone.  Restaurants come immediately to mind, leave the tract with your tip, but there are plenty of other places you can hand it out: gas stations, stores, anywhere you interact with someone who is serving you.

We made it the size of a business card so you can carry it with you anywhere.  If you are not familiar with how Memory Cross cards work, each one has four panels that make a endless loop.  

This card say:

  • Panel 1: Thank you for your service
  • Panel 2: Do you know the greatest act of service?
  • Panel 3: Love and then the verse John 3:16 NIV.  For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son.
  • Panel 4: that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

there is also space for you to write a little note and at the bottom of panel 4 a link if they want to know more about a relationship with Jesus.

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