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Gospel Tracts for Mission Trips

mission trips

If you are going on a mission trip and will be working with children here are a few tracts that are worth checking out.  They are available in a variety of languages including English and Spanish, Haitian-Creole and English, Romanian and English, a wordless version and several others.  The tracts can also be printed in the language where you are going with a minimum order of 250 pieces. Click here for more information.

Gospel tracts for mission trips

The cards are designed to make an endless loop, which not only brings smiles to children's faces but makes it very likely that they'll keep the tract and read it over and over again. 

Most of the tracts that we design for mission trips and printed in the primary language plus English. We found out that most kids in other countries want to learn English which makes this an educational tool as well.  It also helps children and the people going on the mission trip connect as they teach each other the salvation message in their native language.

A free sample pack is available by clicking this link.  If you want a specific tract include the request in the note section of the order.

The video below shows how each Memory Cross folds.

I've included a link to some of our most popular tracts and categories below.

The size of the coloring cards measures 6 inches square so they are easy to pack in your suitcase.

If you have friends who are going on a mission trip share this post with them either on social media or through email.


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