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God's Plan Of Salvation In Haitian Creole Tract for Kids - 12 Per Pack $ 12.95 $ 13.99
God's Plan of Salvation Haitian Creole Gospel Tract  - Size: 6 x 6 Origami Christian tract that shares the Gospel in Haitian Creole. The four-panel design makes an endless loop that children love to play with while the wording presents the Gospel in a language that they understand. Starting with Adam and Eve the tract explains to children that we are all have sinned against God but that he has a wonderful plan for our lives. Even when we were separated from God he left signs of his presence through the profits who predicted the coming of Jesus. At the right time, God sent Jesus to earth to show us how to love and to die so that we could be forgiven and brought back to God.This children's tract in Haitian is designed for mission trips to Haiti and selected parts of the Dominican Republic (along the Haitian border and in the Batey's). We designed it to also be a craft project that kids could personalize by coloring. This Haitian Christian tract is an excellent way to share the Gospel with children of Haiti They will love the design and will play with it over and over again and as they do they'll learn God's plan of salvation for their lives.
Roman Road Haitian and English Origami Gospel Tract and Craft Activity for Children - 12/pk 30105 $ 12.95
Roman Road Pathway to Life Tract Haitian Creole and English This Gospel tract in Haitian Creole and English is one of the best ways to help children in Haiti learn and memorize the Gospel as found in the book of Romans.   Each tract consists of four panels that create a card which never stops folding. Children are fascinated by the unique design and it will not only capture their attention but make this tract something that they'll want to keep. We created this tract in two languages, Haitian Creole and English and have found that this provides a number of advantages. First, most children in Haiti want to learn English and this card will teach them the Gospel as found in the book of Romans in Haitian and English. Second, most people who are going on a mission trip to Haiti do not speak Haitian so this card allows the children of Haiti to interact with those on the mission trip in a special way. Finally, we've found that children will want to keep this tract and learn the salvation message in English. Makes a great craft project. Pack some crayons and you have an easy craft project that children will love. Each Haitian and English Gospel tract is printed on 100 lb. premium uncoated acid-free and PH-neutral cover so it will hold up well over many folds and will not fade or discolor for years. Easy to pack for a mission trip to Haiti. The card is 6 inches square and about 1/8" thick so you can easily pack a couple hundred in your suitcase. The best Haitian Gospel tract available on the market today. We say that because of the unique origami design, the fact you can use it as a craft project and that it is available in two languages and children will keep this tract.
Simple Plan of Salvation for Children - English/Haitian 12/Pk $ 12.95
God's Plan of Salvation for Children in English and Haitian Creole tells the story of Adam and Eve who were once best friends with God but decided to disobey God's commandments and became separated from Him.   There is good news because that's not the end of the story.  Even though we sinned and became separated from God, He loves us and sent Jesus to die on the cross for our sins so that we could have a relationship with Him again. This is a simple tract, written so that younger children will understand.  It is designed to start a conversation and give kids the basics.   Because it is written in English and Haitian Creole it can be taken to countries that speak Creole. We created the card in black and white which allows it to be used as a craft project in addition to a Gospel tract. If you don't know how Memory Cross cards fold, watch the video below.  Additional images of this card are below. Panel 1   Panel 2   Panel 3   Panel 4    
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10 Commandments Memory Card - Haitian Creole 24 per pack $ 13.86 $ 15.95
10 Commandments Bible Memory Card - Haitian Creole If you are traveling to Haiti and will be teaching children the 10 Commandments we have created a Memory Cross card that teaches children the 10 Commandments in Haitian. It is easy to pack in your suitcase and the children will love the origami design. You'll find the Memory Cross 10 Commandments card is one of the easiest ways to help children learn them. The video below shows how it folds.
Crayons - 8 pack $ 1.75
Crayola Crayons - 8 pack Going on a mission trip?  Don't forget the crayons.  This 8 pack is easy to pack in your suitcase.  If you are going to have the kids share the crayons we recommend 2 boxes of crayons for every 12 pack of cards or buy a pack for each kid so they can take them home.
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