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Halloween Gospel Tracts

Halloween Gospel Tracts

Halloween Gospel Tracts


Question:  What is the number one day for evangelism in the United States?

Answer: Halloween

More people hand out Halloween Gospel tracts for Trick or Treat or Trunk or Treat than any other time of the year.  And why not?  Christians who believe that Jesus is the greatest gift of all want to share the Good News with their friends and neighbors and Halloween is the perfect time since kids are coming to your door asking for a treat.  People who feel uncomfortable handing out tracts at other times of the year will give a child a Christian tract along with a piece of candy.  I recommend using tracts that share God’s love and plan of salvation in a positive and loving way.

Memory Cross Halloween Gospel Tracts

Memory Cross uses a unique origami design to make their Halloween Gospel tracts stand out.  Each card has four panels that are created in such a way so the card never stops folding.  Because of the very unique design children and adults will want to hang onto this Christian tract and fold it over and over again.  The design is very addicting and most people have a hard time putting it down, which means they’ll read the message over and over again.

We’ve added a Halloween Gospel tract that kids can color.  This adds another dimension in our continual efforts to reach children with the Gospel.   Many children take time to decorate the tract, which gives them more time to read the words printed.  Plus they’ll probably keep the card after they have colored it, even putting it in the refrigerator.

All of our Halloween Gospel tracts have a place for you to write a personal note or invite the kids and their parents to church.  That way it becomes a craft project for kids, Gospel tract and invitation to visit your church all wrapped up in a powerfully creative card.

And this coming October 31, 2019, we are inviting you to join in our campaign of #31Tracts31KidsChallenge. Click here for more details on this exciting challenge. 

The video below shows how the card folds.  If you would like a free sample just click here and we’ll get a sample right out to you.  If you would like to see our collection of Halloween Gospel tracts click this link and you’ll be taken to our store. 

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