The best way to share the Gospel using Paper!
Memory Cross Tracts - the most effective Halloween Tracts

Memory Cross Tracts - the most effective Halloween Tracts

Memory Cross Tracts - the most effective Halloween Tracts

Halloween tracts are an effective way to share your faith with children.  There is a variety to choose from but here is why I think Memory Cross is one of the best choices.

Halloween Tracts

What makes Memory Cross Halloween tracts so effective?

  • They are different.  Every kid has seen a piece of paper with printing on it and while some parents and children will read the Halloween tract, the majority are tossed out and never read.  Memory Cross Halloween tracts are not designed like any other Christian tracts.  Each card has four panels that turn the Gospel tract into an origami design that never stops folding.  Children and adults will stop and take notice of this Halloween tract because the design is so interesting.  If you have not seen the design I’ve put a video below you’ll want to watch.
  • The message is positive, short, child-friendly and provides resources for people wanting to know more.
  • Memory Cross Gospel tracts will be kept and children will play with them over and over again and read the message multiple times.
  • Kids prefer Memory Cross Halloween tracts to candy.  Okay maybe not if you are the first couple stops, but after a while, it’s just another piece of candy. I usually put the Gospel tracts in with all the candy and let kids choose.  Most take the tract and then I’ll tell them they can have a piece of candy also.
  • Many have room to stamp or write a personal invitation to come visit your church.

Tip:  If you decide to hand out Memory Cross tracts, fold them through one time.  This will give a three-dimensional effect to the tract and make kids want to check them out.

Halloween can be a great day to share the Gospel.  It is the only time of the year when kids come knocking on your door asking for a treat.  This year give them more than just candy.  Share the Gospel and invite their parents to come visit your church. Join us in our campaign of #31Tracts31KidsChallenge. Click this link for more details. 

And if you would like more information about our tracts and cards, visit our Halloween page today.

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