God's Plan Of Salvation In Haitian Creole Tract for Kids - 12 Per Pack

$ 12.95 $ 13.99 -8% OFF

God's Plan Of Salvation In Haitian Creole Tract for Kids - 12 Per Pack

$ 12.95 $ 13.99 -8% OFF

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Product description

God's Plan of Salvation Haitian Creole Gospel Tract  - Size: 6 x 6

Origami Christian tract that shares the Gospel in Haitian Creole. The four-panel design makes an endless loop that children love to play with while the wording presents the Gospel in a language that they understand.

Starting with Adam and Eve the tract explains to children that we are all have sinned against God but that he has a wonderful plan for our lives. Even when we were separated from God he left signs of his presence through the profits who predicted the coming of Jesus. At the right time, God sent Jesus to earth to show us how to love and to die so that we could be forgiven and brought back to God.

This children's tract in Haitian is designed for mission trips to Haiti and selected parts of the Dominican Republic (along the Haitian border and in the Batey's). We designed it to also be a craft project that kids could personalize by coloring. This Haitian Christian tract is an excellent way to share the Gospel with children of Haiti They will love the design and will play with it over and over again and as they do they'll learn God's plan of salvation for their lives.

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