Free Candy Halloween Bible Story Card. 24/Pk. Size: 4 x 4

$ 16.95 $ 17.95 -6% OFF

Free Candy Halloween Bible Story Card. 24/Pk. Size: 4 x 4

$ 16.95 $ 17.95 -6% OFF

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Product description

Memory Cross' Halloween Gospel tracts.  The best way to share the Gospel using paper.

Introducing the Memory Cross Halloween Gospel Tract—a spirited fusion of fun and faith specifically designed for kids. This innovative card combines creativity, interactivity, and the all-important message of the Gospel, making it a valuable tool for presenting faith in a way that's engaging and relatable to children.

Here's what makes our Halloween Gospel tract so unique:

  1. Endless Loop Design: Built with four interconnected panels, this card forms a fascinating endless loop. It's an attention-grabbing design that captivates children's curiosity and provides a fun, tactile experience for those who love to fidget. This makes exploring the Gospel a hands-on, engaging adventure for kids.

  2. Coloring Card: To further boost the interactive experience, we've designed this tract as a coloring card. This allows children to connect more deeply with the card by adding their unique touch to it.

  3. Powerful Panels: Each panel tells a part of the Gospel story, in a language children understand.

    • Panel 1: It features a Super Hero design, symbolizing the joy of dressing up and receiving free candy—a pleasure almost every child understands.

    • Panel 2: This panel introduces God's love—superior even to the joy of Halloween, detailing how He sacrificed Himself for our sins and resurrected to provide us eternal life.

    • Panel 3: Here, we explain the essence of accepting God's ultimate gift, emphasizing the need for inviting Him into our hearts.

    • Panel 4: The final panel provides a prayer, guiding children on how to ask Jesus into their hearts.

  4. Sturdy and Sustainable: With 24 cards per pack, these tracts are printed on uncoated playing card stock, ensuring they can withstand hundreds of uses when properly handled.

This Halloween, make your celebration more meaningful by giving out more than just candy. Use our Memory Cross Halloween Gospel Tract during trick-or-treating or trunk-or-treating events, and let children know they are loved—not only by you but also by Jesus. Show them that the greatest treat of all is the love and salvation offered by our Savior.

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