The Roman Road Tract: Pathway to Spanish and English - 12/Pk size: 6 x 6

$ 12.95

The Roman Road Tract: Pathway to Spanish and English - 12/Pk size: 6 x 6

$ 12.95

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Product description

Roman Road Pathway to Life Tract Spanish and English

This Gospel tract for kids is designed to be taken on mission trips or used where Spanish and English are spoken. It is an effective way to present the Gospel to kids.

The first thing kids notice is the unique design which gets their attention and keeps them engaged with the tract. Many kids find the endless loop addicting and will fold it over and over again.

If you bring crayons, markers or colored pencils and kids will be able to decorate the card.  This helps reinforce the message and they'll create something of lasting value which they will want keep.

Most children in other countries are eager to learn English so this card becomes a teaching tool helping them to memorize the Scriptures on this card in Spanish and English.

It will help connect the people on the mission trip with the children they are serving as they teach each other the Scriptures in their native language.

The tract also becomes something children take home and share with their parents who also will be fascinated by the design and in learning the verses in English.

Finally, there is a link to our website that provides more information and videos in multiple languages about becoming a Christian. We realize that not everyone has an internet connection yet even in 3rd world countries access to the internet is growing.

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