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God's Plan Of Salvation Gospel Tract - 12 Cards Per Pack

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God's Plan of Salvation Gospel Tract - Size: 6 x 6

Size: 6 x 6. This is one of our most effective Gospel tracts for children because it gets them involved in the message in multiple ways. The origami design, which is the same on all Memory Cross tracts, fascinates children and they'll want to fold it over and over again. This tract also was designed for children to color which adds to the level of involvement kids have with the tract and message. It was designed for children ages 5 through 10. The copy on the panels include:

Panel 1: For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16 NIV). The story of Easter began with Adam and Eve. At first Adam and Eve had a perfect relationship with God, and each other. It was an amazing time, but one that would be short lived. The relationship was broken with Adam and Eve decided to listen to the serpent, who was really Satan. Sin entered the world.

Panel 2: For thousands of years we have been separated from God, but God never forgot us. He reached out through his prophets and foretold of the day God would restore our relationship with Him.

Panel 3: At the right time God sent his Son, born to the virgin Mary. He can to show us how to live and even though he was innocent, he died for our sins and was put in the grave, but the story does not end there.

Panel 4: Three days later God raised Jesus from the dead. He promises us a new relationship with Him when we turn from our sins and ask Jesus into our hearts. This is the salvation story. God sent his only Son into the world to give us life through him. True love is God's love for us, not our love for God. He sent his Son as the way to take away our sins. This is how much God loved us. - 1 John 4: 9-11 ERV

There is a link for kids wanting to know more which includes videos. There is a QR code for smart phones as well as the link ( that parents or adult leaders can use to further explain God's Plan of Salvation to kids.

This children's tract is available in English and Haitian Creole for people going on mission trips to Haiti.

The first video shows how every Memory Cross card folds and the second shows the Haitian version of this Gospel tract. If you would like a free sample click the link below. The sample pack consists of tracts for children and adults, Bible memory cards and Bible story cards. There is a $3.00 shipping and handling cost for the sample pack.
Origami card that presents the Gospel and allows children to color.  Can be used for VBS, Sunday School, outreach and mission trips.

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Barb Darin
Great way to Share

As my title states. This is a great and fun way to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I've given out many, mostly to kids and love seeing the smiles on their faces. Thank You so much for making these fun tracts available.

Cecelia S.
Gospel Tract

It was great. The origami design held the children's attention. The scriptural message of the tract was right on the mark. Wish I had gotten twice as many so I could have given each one of the children an extra one to share. Well worth the investment!!!

Debra H.
Top Notch Experience

"Top notch" in product and delivery. Yes, I would buy again from them!

Norma Brown
This is evangelism made easy!

I love these Salvation Gospel tracts. It's take the fear out of witnessing because the cards are so easy to understand and use. A great purchase.

Excellent Handout!

These cards are Biblically sound and well made. Kids will love coloring and "folding" them to read. I am going to encourage the kids to read them to family, friends etc.
I love these!