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Noah Craft Coloring Card - 12/pk Size: 6 x 6

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Origami card that teaches children the story of Noah

Introducing the Memory Cross Card: Engaging Origami Learning Experience for Children

Discover a unique and captivating way to teach children about the timeless story of Noah with the Memory Cross Card. This innovative origami card engages young minds and makes learning enjoyable and memorable. With its four panels, each based on key verses from the Book of Genesis, children can immerse themselves in the story while having fun.

Panel 1: Step into the world of Noah, where God's displeasure with the people was met with Noah's righteousness. Guided by divine instructions, Noah embarked on an extraordinary mission to build an ark that would save his family and the animals.

Panel 2: Witness the incredible journey as Noah and his family, along with the diverse creatures of the earth, board the ark, just as God commanded. The entire world was submerged as the rains poured for forty days and nights, yet safety prevailed within the ark.

Panel 3: Experience the anticipation as the waters gradually recede, and the ark finally rests on a mountain peak. Noah sends a dove to check if the land has reemerged, and after two returns, the dove's third departure signifies that it is time to leave the ark behind.

Panel 4: Share in the joy of Noah's gratitude as he builds an altar and offers a sacrifice to God. In response, God makes an everlasting covenant never to destroy the earth again. Witness the significance of God's promise as a vibrant rainbow emerges, serving as a reminder for all generations.

The Memory Cross Card provides an interactive learning experience that children can personalize by decorating the card, fostering their creativity and engagement. Crafted with durable uncoated playing card stock, it can withstand countless folds, ensuring hours of educational enjoyment.

For those new to Memory Cross Cards, a demonstration of the folding technique, especially for younger children, can enhance their understanding and enthusiasm. Suitable for children aged 4 and above, each pack includes 12 cards, allowing for shared learning experiences with siblings, friends, or in a classroom setting.

Unlock the captivating story of Noah in a way that ignites children's imaginations, encourages active participation, and nurtures a lifelong love for learning. Choose the Memory Cross Card today and embark on an adventure that blends education with fun, leaving a lasting impact on young minds. Order now, and let the journey begin!

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Vicky Palmer
Noah Coloring Card

These will be perfect for our community event this week. I truly appreciate the prompt arrival of these materials for I had almost forgot to get them ordered and worried they would not arrive in time. Great Job!